How to make your Mac run faster

The problem of a slow computer runs after every user. All devices eventually become less productive and do not give us the speed that we want. It depends on many factors such as an outdated operating system, a full memory, a large number of programs, etc. Below we will give you a few life hacks that will help to make your Mac run faster.

Startup List

The first thing you should do is pay attention to the startup list. The problem is that when you upload an app, it automatically falls into this list. Therefore, the gadget needs to make an effort to every time to download absolutely every program. This situation is pumped up with each installation and, when downloads are quite large, Mac starts to slow down.

To the great joy of IOS users, this situation can easily be fixed. Open the system settings and find the “Users and Groups” section. After you select your account, you will find “Login Objects” and remove to the maximum all those programs that you do not need right away when you sign in. With just a couple of clicks, you will significantly transfer the load from the computer system.


The following useful tip will concern the operating system. Try always to update it to the latest version. Mac is designed so that it automatically installs updates, but you can see this by going to the App Store in the updates section. There you can view any updates and select the current ones. If you do not have an automatic update, turn this feature on. It will greatly facilitate your use of your Mac and speed up your computer.

System Monitor

The next step is to check the most energy-intensive processes. Some apps consume a lot of computer resources and provoke braking of your gadget. You can use System Monitoring and deny these programs. Go to the Programs folder – Utilities and open the System Monitoring. Review the CPU and Memory indicators and if you find that one of the processes exceeds the rate of 90%, complete it.


Pay attention to the number of widgets on your computer. Usually, we use them, so that we can get the necessary program or information without extra time and effort. It can be a widget with the weather forecast, a calculator, music, and stuff. The more widgets you use, the more your Mac slows down. Select the most important materials for you, and close the rest. You must decide for yourself what is more important: a fast running computer or the availability of your programs.

Redundant files

One of the most effective ways to speed up your computer is to clean up unnecessary files. Your hard drive suffers from a significant amount of information and slows down the system. In the shuffle with useful files are various extensions, duplicates, temporary files, logs and other garbage. To get rid of this problem, you can use Disk Utility. Click on “First Aid” and scan the material of your hard drive. The system will indicate to you the errors and suggest correcting them. You can browse folders for such trash and delete unnecessary files. This process is quite long, so if you do not have the time and desire to do it, you can use special programs.

The leader among these programs is CleanMyMac. This utility can scan each corner of your computer and remove a massive array of unnecessary information. Just a couple of clicks will allow you to maintain the productivity of your computer and ensure the effective operation of all systems. CleanMyMac features a beautiful and simple interface, sustained in minimalism. All files that you will be asked to extend will be sorted by category, and you will be able to view them. If you do not need this, remove boldly in one click. The program not only searches and safely deletes files, but it also performs search and delete widgets and optimizing the system.

Thus, if you follow all these steps and take advantage of the incredible program, you will significantly increase the efficiency of your computer and can enjoy the maximum of its resources.