How to Make Your Home Man Cave Ready

Bachelors, and married men alike, dream of owning a home complete with a man cave. You might have to endure floral curtains in the living room, pale faux fur throws on your bed, and a myriad assortment of small, beaded cushions that serve no purpose except to make you uncomfortable, but none of these things are allowed in a man cave.

No, a man cave is a male paradise, perfectly equipped for the pure enjoyment of masculine pastimes, like eating pizza, throwing back some beers, and watching football on your widescreen TV.

But before you can enjoy a man cave, you need to prepare yourself for its creation, so here are a few top tips to help you…

Step #1: Install Extra Sockets

No man cave would be complete without a large screen television, laptop, as many video game consoles as you can afford, a charger for your phone, and maybe even an iPhone dock, but what do all of these things share in common? They all need to be plugged in, and most standard rooms simply aren’t equipped with enough sockets to accommodate your needs. True, you can overload those that are available to you with extensions, but surely it’s better to convert your single sockets to doubles instead? This will have the added boon of helping to avoid the inevitable tripping over of extension wires in your darkened cave, and will also mean that you never need to unplug any of your gadgets again.

#2: Re-decorate

Every man cave shares a certain aesthetic, and the creation of this requires a suitable colour scheme to be decided upon in advance. Crimsons, steel greys, navy, and dark browns will all help to foster that feeling of a secret, shadowed space, hidden away from prying eyes and shut off from the outside world. Of course, a lighter colour palette may be preferable if you’re working with a smaller room, but if this is the case, you can still incorporate a more traditional theme through your furnishings, and your sofas, cushions, and curtains should all complement the overall effect. Your technology needn’t be left out either, and there are lots of man cave appropriate wraps and covers just waiting to be discovered on eBay.

#3: Choose Your Gadgets

Thirdly and finally, no man cave would be complete without the appropriate gadgets, and the more technology you can squeeze into your space the better. Although a pool table should also be included, it ought to be surrounded by gaming consoles, stacks of games, a top of the range sound system, at least one computer, a mammoth television screen, and any other techy delights that you can get your hands on. 3D printers, in particular, guarantee you hours of infantile fun, and every self-respecting man cave should play host to one.

What den of delights will you create?