How to get free Instagram followers

If you are still unaware of the social media giant ‘Instagram’, you are lagging behind. Instagram is a popular image sharing app with millions of user which has gained immense recognition in the last few years. In this contemporary financial climate, there are thousands of businesses doing the same thing. Marketing has become an important aspect. If your product or service has not been marketed properly, there are chances of failure. With the propagation of social media marketing, businesses are using online platforms to market their product or service and Instagram is one of them.

Given the benefits of Instagram, it is important for us to cope up with the latest technology. To make the most out of this social media application, you need a large follower base. More followers you have, more you will be able to convey your message through visuals. With investment of time and effort you can get a massive follower base. Following are some tips to get free Instagram followers:

Quality and Quantity

The notion ‘quality over quantity’ doesn’t apply in this case. If you remain inconsistent in terms of posting, you may not attract more followers as well as lose your current ones. No one likes to follow a page with less or no content. Consistency is the key to get more followers. However that doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of content. Your content should of high quality. Follow a theme to make your profile look more attractive. For example you are a chef and want to promote your culinary business or catering services; you can post images of visually appealing food and follow the specific theme. Use filters to make your content look more colorful and attractive. Incorporate creativity in your work. Make sure the audience you are targeting remains happy. Quality along with quantity will help you get massive count of follower in no time. However make sure that you post during the peak times to make your content visible to others.

Use common hashtags

Hashtags are an effective way to get more followers on Instagram. Instagrammers use hashtags to search for the content they like. Using relevant hashtags on your content will help you boost your follower count. You can insert hashtags that represents your image or brand. Adding number of hashtags will increase your visibility.

Interact more

Engaging with your current followers and potential users will help you maintain a good follower base. Remain polite with other users and try to converse with them in a friendly manner. Comment on content of others and increase your engagement. This will help you build good relationships with them. More interaction will help you promote your account and increasing the likeliness that other accounts follow you back. Remember to put your ego aside.

Promote your account

You can promote your profile by connecting your account to other social media platforms like Facebook. Chances will increase that people following you on Facebook may also follow you on Instagram. You can further add link of your profile on your blogs. You can even physically market your account to get more followers.

This is how it is. A little bit of investment of effort and time will get you high amounts of success and obviously followers.