How to Find An Affordable Video Solution for SMBs

Video is more effective than text because consumers need to watch it, or at least listen.

You have a smartphone so that you can do video. You can get away with a half decent phone camera because most of your output will be viewed on a phone screen.

Software should be your primary consideration when you are looking for an all-in-one video platform.

Employee Training

Does your company rely on PDF documents to train new hires or freelancers? If so, you are missing out on an opportunity to communicate more efficiently.

Your new hire might skim the documents you send her, but she will never absorb your company ethos through this medium. Video is the best way to communicate on a deeper level and is of particular importance for onboarding freelancers and remote employees whose hands you will never get to shake.

When your workforce is spread around the world in ten different time zones, you cannot use a live training interface. But if you record a video training session, you can then use that video many times, reducing the demands on experienced staff who are conducting the training.

Internal Communications Using Video

You know how important a team ethos is to success, but building a team is tricky when employees see each other only occasionally. Email and text communications lead to many misunderstandings because they do not include tone of voice, facial expressions or body language.

Live video meetings over the Internet can bridge this gap and can help to build trust and team spirit.

A video interface will allow employees to meet in pairs or small groups, even if they are thousands of miles apart. Teams can use video to discuss project progress, managers can address issues with individuals, and employees can raise issues that concern them. Video does it all.

Passion can help you make sales, but people have to see it, and video lets your passion come through in a way it never can with text alone. Virtual meetings within your business will also convey your passion and hopefully ignite a similar drive in your employees.

Social Media

Video is no longer optional.

Every video channel is showing phenomenal growth with YouTube reporting a 60% year on year increase in the number of hours people watch its videos.

On Twitter, tweets with photos do better than plain text tweets, but people share tweets with short videos six times more often than photo-tweets. Video tweets are a must if you aim to reach more Twitter users, but how do you generate viral videos every day?


The American Marketing Association defines marketing as:

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

Video is the best way to create, communicate and deliver offerings that customers value. If you sell to people who will never meet you, then video allow clients to know, like and trust you.

You can use your videos as part of your email marketing by sending emails that link to your Youtube channel or to embeddeds videos on your blog.

The Video Solution to All Your Problems

You need one video solution so you and your employees can learn to use that application well and become confident in using it. Your people will only choose to use video if they are familiar with the interface and find it simple to use. Webinar software is what you are looking for. The virtual meeting possibilities this software opens up means you should consider it, even if you have no plans to hold webinars.

Webinars are widely used in marketing because they work. In a recent poll, respondents reported 20-40% of webinar attendees showed interest in the highlighted product and became leads. This high conversion figure puts webinars second only to emails as a source of leads.

Recorded webinars can be downloaded as standard MP4 files and used on YouTube, your website and social media accounts.

Webinars work because viewers trust you if they can see your body language on their screens, whether it is live or recorded, and maybe even enough to buy your services or products.

Video clips from webinar presentations are perfect to use on Twitter because they are personal. Twitter users want to see stories, and your video clips are the perfect way to tell your business story.

Screenshot source

ClickMeeting’s webinar software is one all-in-one solution you might consider because it is exceptionally easy to use and is targeted at small businesses.

ClickMeeting lets you set up virtual meetings with one person or with your entire team. You can interview prospective new hires, create training modules or tell your story and post it to your social media channels. Clickmeeting recordings can be downloaded as MP4 files and used in multiple channels from YouTube to downloads for email subscribers.

Tl; DR Version

Video works, but there are so many options that you could have five different programs. That is inefficient. Webinar software such as ClickMeeting is the best all-in-one solution and will handle every instance of video use in your company.

If you want to make video integral to everything your business does, then you need to choose one platform that will do everything from marketing to social media and from employee training to internal staff meetings. Narrowing down the number of choices to a single platform will allow everyone to become familiar and comfortable with the options and controls available.