How AI Will Influence and Impact Website Building

In the past, website building was a pretty simple process that involved nothing more than pages of standard texts with a few pictures and font variations. However, with time this procedure has become more complex as site owners compete to attract more visitors to themselves.

Today, website building consists of a mix of imagery and audio-visual content designed to deliver a complete user experience, and not mere information.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the use of modern technology to improve the performance of websites. A recent research by Merrill Lynch suggests that AI market will reach about $153 billion in revenue in the next few years to come. The digital revolution will absolutely change how humans interact with the internet.

Moreover, web marketers and retailers are taking advantage of this technology to boost brand visibility. When used correctly, artificial intelligence can simplify the promotional and marketing strategies of items being sold online.

How Does AI in Web Development Work?

With some web-development programs such as Grid, you can create professional sites in just a matter of minutes. The software makes use of AI generated by a complex algorithm of logics and coding, it can create attractive pages for your site without having to go through the entire process manually. Grid builds websites from scratch based on the content that owners want to put online.

Wix is another useful website development tool that’s been around for a while now. Though they had fewer design options when the service began, they have since gained a foothold in the competitive AI web development niche.

During the building process, an Artificial-Intelligence assistant will ask you a set of questions to help decide the scope and nature of your website. Thereafter, based on several hours of programmed algorithm technology, the software shall find a correct combination of layout, design, branding and content to help develop the website.

This saves the owner hours of manual work that could have otherwise been wasted on coding and other related processes. With AI you no longer have to worry about painstakingly designing each aspect of your website, or putting the site content together in an organized way. The technology handles everything for the site builder, thus giving you room to focus on coming up with the best content that your audience will enjoy interacting with.

Furthermore, for webmasters working on a tight budget, it can provide a cost-effective alternative to manually encrypted web designing. While AI revolution in the web building industry is growing rapidly, it’s yet to reach its peak in the near future.

Grid was the first ‘revolutionary’ startup company in history to announce it was creating a virtual website builder that makes use of artificial intelligence. Though the site builder has received mixed reviews from people, it gives users enough freedom to customize web layout as per their demands.

Whereas sometimes technology may limit a site’s customizability to just a few choices of color and layout recognized by the algorithm, more complex artificial intelligence builders like Grid offer a minimalistic front-end site development platform.

AI’s Impact on The Future of Web Development

For website owners, implementing the correct technology will become a major factor in web development. It means computers will understand the needs of users and offer the necessary information they are looking for. Some of the benefits of applying Artificial Intelligence in the web building process include:

Better Reply Predictions

Chat Bots will make it possible to predict the reactions of site visitors, the technology will help understand human emotions where machines might fail. Then effectively communicate these emotions to enrich the user’s experience.

Voice Recognition Search

Through Artificial Intelligence, users would be able to search for information on a site without typing. To enable simple voice conversation, many site owners are adopting AI as a way of navigating through their websites. It’s becoming very popular among next generation youths and in fact many virtual shopping assistants are already taking advantage of it. Artificial intelligence through Voice Recognition Search would soon be an integral aspect of website building service.

In summary, the future of web development is very exciting as virtual intelligent robots are expected to take over. As these technologies continue to become more commonplace, more helpful and ingenious applications will arise in the future as well.