Home Improvement Trends – Smart Homes and Home Automation

The advance in technology makes homeowners who are after efficiency, less power and convenience happy. The improvement trends of homes embrace double-duty space, low maintenance exteriors and energy efficiency. The common needs of the home owners are that they are no longer after the size but efficiency, flexibility and orderliness.

Home owners want to watch over their wattage with meters and monitors and guard their weekends with exteriors that are maintenance-free. To improve home automation actuators especially the linear ones have been employed in the manufacture of several furniture, appliances, aesthetic and functional features. They make homes more convenient and work efficient with less effort.

To improve homes, home owners are choosing the maintenance-free siding that last longer and with less upkeep. Fiber cement siding is one of the fastest growing siding in the market. It is made of cellulosic fiber, sand and cement. Someone might confuse it with wood since they look alike but hell no; it is resistant to termites or other boring insects, combust or rot.

It is more expensive than other sidings in the market but it is worth an investment. It has low maintenance cost; limited to caulking each spring and cleaning. Repainting is required after every seven to fifteen years. This is nothing compared to wood as must be repainted between four to seven years.

The other amazing trends of the year are the convertible rooms. Home owners need to forget about the museum rooms of the past that is the living and dining rooms that are used let’s say twice a year. The convertible rooms are now what all home owners need to be after.

It is amazing watching a private study room being converted into an easy- flow party space. This can only be achieved by foldaway walls. The walls consist of glass panels that can only be described as fancy. It is also possible that the walls can be also simply accordion walls that are covered by vinyl. With this it is possible to witness a Murphy bed pulling down from a wall unit that looks like armoire and then converting any room into a guest room.

The technology has advanced so rapidly and with it, manufactures have been able to make drop down TV lift

The mechanism through which they operate is simple and is simply controlled by a remote control. The mechanism is simple. TV’s can be accommodated to 50” tall. It is able to plug into the 110V North American outlet. The user uses the memory setting to determine the angle of view. Using the drywall bracket, the user can flush mount a piece of the ceiling down to the bottom such that nothing is visible when not in operation.

Energy disorder is another thing home owners are wrestling with. The electronics are brought then LED fixtures installed thus crashing the diets. The thermostats are turned to high degrees let’s say 68. But who is up to the energy game? How do home owners know how much energy each appliance is consuming? It is only through the monitors and the meters that can tell them. There are new devices in the market that can gauge the usage or the amount consumed by each gadget in the house or the entire house as a whole. They give real-time feedback and thus the owner can graph it in whatever time limit they want.

Technology has advanced and it is making life simpler and amazing. Home automation helps improve lives using less effort but with maximum efficiency