Hey teacher, leave that kid alone

A teacher in Thailand has been caught on mobile phone giving a smart alec kid a serious beating.

The teacher faces prosecution after mobile phone footage showed him beating a pupil and slamming his head into a whiteboard for forgetting his textbook. According to AP, the video was filmed by another kid in the class on his phone at an exclusive Thai-Chinese secondary school in Bangkok. 

Once the class had finished for the day, the amateur video was packed off to the local television stations to be broadcast to the nation. The teacher is shown grabbing the 12-year-old by his throat and hitting him around the head several times.

Apparently the 29-year-old teacher snapped when the boy was rude to him after being told off for failing to bring his schoolbook to class.

Education Minister Jurin Laksanawisit said the teacher had resigned but could still face charges and be forced to stand in the corner of some Thai jail.

Thailand has had a few scandals about video clips of student brawls filmed on mobiles were posted on the Internet.  However it looks like this is the first time an adult has been caught by the technology behaving badly.