Here comes the 100mph lawnmower

A member of the Campbell racing clan is making his own world speed attempt – on a lawnmower.

Don Wales is the nephew of Donald Campbell and grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell, himself holds land speed records for electric cars and for a steam-powered car.

He aims to break the current record of 80mph – set by Bob Cleveland of the US in 2006 – and top 100 miles per hour.

The lawnmower will have a modification or two, but the rules state it must be capable of cutting grass. It’s powered by a standard 26 horsepower Kawasaki lawnmower engine, but this has been modified to run on high-octane racing fuel.

The chassis has been extended to increase stability, and the mower has been fitted with narrow racing tyres to reduce drag.

“Building an engine with enough torque to push it through the cold air at 100mph is another challenge, and to cap it all, the machine that takes the record will still be capable of cutting grass, which it will demonstrate on the very same day it takes the record,” says the team.

The RunningBlade record attempt will take place in February at Carmarthen Bay, west Wales.