World’s smallest video camera is less than a millimeter across

Israeli company Medigus has created the world’s tiniest video cameras, at less than a millimeter in diameter.

Designed for medical use, they are made from safe materials, says the company. They’re based on the TSV (Through Silicon Via) method, which enables miniaturization and helps keep costs down.

A dedicated 0.66×0.66 mm CMOS sensor provides high image resolution at 45,000 pixels, and the camera uses the company’s own digital video processing systems.

The cameras are designed specifically for small-diameter disposable endoscopic devices, used in diagnostic and surgical procedures in areas of the body where larger scopes aren’t viable.

They’ll be integrated into endoscopic devices manufactured by Medigus itself, and will also be sold to third-party medical device manufacturers. And the cameras are cheap enough, says the company, to be used in disposable devices, so they won’t need expensive and potentially hazardous sterilization.

The camera is less than half the size of its predecessor, developed two years ago.

“We are excited to release our second generation of disposable cameras to further progress the medical endoscopic field,” says Elazar Sonnenschein, Medigus CEO.

“Medical procedures that have not been possible until now become possible with the world’s smallest camera. The advanced technology provides the medical community and patients with safe, quality and cost-effective treatment.”

Medigus says it’ll begin supplying samples in the next few weeks to US and Japanese companies producing cardiology-related devices.