Will ARM’s Mali GPU find its way into consoles?

Is your gaming console powered by a Mali-based GPU? No? Well, perhaps one day it will be.

Indeed, an ARM spokesperson recently told TG Daily that Mali is quickly advancing, with the GPU consistently delivering “more and more” performance.

“There isn’t any reason why ARM’s Mali shouldn’t be in a gaming console at some point. Something like that would definitely be a good ambition for us to have in terms of hardware scalable up to those levels,” explained Ian Smythe.

“Really, it is all about scalability for ARM. Of course, we wouldn’t leave existing markets, but the goal would be successfully scale across multiple and diverse spaces simultaneously.”

However, Smythe noted that the mobile space currently represented a “billion plus” units per year for ARM.

“This translates to quite a nice royalty for the company – but the console market probably wouldn’t have the same return on investment for us.”

He added that ARM had signed a number of key and lucrative Mali-based deals in recent months, which amounted to a “strategic alignment” with the ever-evolving graphics market. 

“For example, Samsung has effectively switched over to Mali architecture for their mobile consumer devices, with the first silicon adoption scheduled for this year.”