We will be faster than ATI, claims Nvidia

Nvidia thinks that its new cards are more powerful that similar efforts by ATI (AMD).
Analysts think that ATI has been doing well lately with it is 4800 series and its 5800 series coming very shortly.

However Nvidia does not seem to want to let Ati get away with that and has been trying to release a few press release spoilers.

It claims that its next series of cards are not going to be based on a redesigned GT200 core, but rather will be based on a completely new core architecture currently codenamed the GT300.

It says that the GT300 has performance significantly higher than anything ATI and its RV870 core can manage. Plus if they use two of them in their GX2 arrangement they will be faster than a well greased leopard on its way to a wildebeest convention.

The GT300 is rumored to be in the shops in late November, which places it just after the 5xxx series launch.   Of course all this could be a spoiler too and we will not know for sure until the reviews come in around Christmas.