Video games help teach kids how to walk

There are video games to help you work out, improve memory, and obviously, just for plain fun. But what about advanced physical therapy video games?

Well, a team of doctors and engineers from Shriner’s hospital and Rice University are currently developing a video game platform that will be used to teach disabled children how to walk.

Dubbed the Equiliberator, the game system incorporates Wii balance boards lined up in a path along with pressure-sensitive handrails.

The rails and the balance boards communicate via Bluetooth to track the patient’s movement along the course.

Kids watch the game on a screen in front of them, which asks them to rid the world of evil monsters by stepping on certain portions of the balance board.

As the child’s balance and coordination improves, the game gets harder, helping improve coordination.

Although currently a one-time project, the idea is too good for doctors to pass up.

Video games are obviously a fun and intuitive way to reach kids, and the physical as well as digital rewards make a system like the Equiliberator a valuable medical tool. 

(Via Hackaday)