TSMC’s 28nm process on track

Hsinchu, Taiwan, TSMC says it has become the first company to produce 28nm 64Mb SRAM and that its 28nm development and ramp-up is on track for first shipments in early 2010.

TSMC’s 28LP process is expected to enter production at the end of Q1 of 2010, followed closely by the 28HP process at the end of Q2 and the 28HPL in Q3.

The 28nm LP process is designed as a low cost technology for cellular and mobile applications, while the 28nm HP process is aimed at devices such as CPUs, GPUs, Chipsets, FPGAs, networking, video game consoles, and mobile computing applications that demand higher performance.

A new low power variant, 28nm HPL offers mid-range performance and is targeted at cellphone, smart netbook, wireless communication and portable consumer electronics.

“We developed a gate-last approach for TSMC’s 28nm high-k metal gate family that is superior in terms of transistor characteristics, high end and low end performance upside, and manufacturability,” said Dr. Jack Sun, vice president, Research and Development, TSMC.

“Achieving 64Mb SRAM yield is particularly noteworthy because this achievement demonstrates the manufacturing benefits of the gate-last approach that we developed for the two TSMC 28nm high-k metal gate processes.”