This flexible color AMOLED is just 0.01cm thick

Taiwanese researchers have designed an amazingly flexible 6″ color AMOLED. 

The display – which measures just 0.01cm thick – is capable of rendering images even when folded.

According to OLED-Info, the new panel was manufactured using advanced FlexUPD technology and remains on track to power next-gen, flexible e-readers from AUO. 

So, how does FlexUPD work?

Well, the ultra-flexible technique was apparently inspired by traditional Taiwan crepe-making.

Indeed, FlexUPD utilizes simultaneous adhesive and non-adhesive bonding. 

This unique methodology creates a “de-bonding” layer which is then conveniently positioned between the glass and flexible substrate.

The layer remains in place on the production glass substrate during the fabrication process, as it is entirely non-adhesive to the polyimide (PI) film stacked on top – much like a layer of non-stick material separating a crepe from the pan.

Pretty cool, eh?!