The iPad Wall: when one status symbol simply isn’t enough

“Typical television walls are just ‘so yesterday'”, according to Australian architects’ firm Clarke Hopkins Clarke.

Yup, they’re pitching the idea of an ‘iPad wall’ for buildings such as libraries, where users could browse books on the wall, or for advertising.

“With the built-in features of the iPad and customisable applications, there is literally an endless number of things we can do on the wall,” says the company blog.


“Interchangeable wallpaper pattern & video is just the beginning, but imagine a giant jigsaw that you can play using multitouch, an interactive aquarium scene, digital graffiti, interactive speaker wall, even a life sized digital bookcase for your iBooks!”

CHC reckons the numbers add up, with many standard television walls costing as much as $250 per tile.

“While the iPad has a $499 price tag, it contains state-of-the-art technology which enables it to offer far more then traditional television walls,” says CHC.

“Thanks to the tiny size of the connectors now available in the market, the wiring of iPads on the library wall will be almost invisible.”