The Intel Itanium is tottering towards death, analyst reckons

A report from senior analyst Jon Peddie suggests that Intel’s 64 bit flagship microprocessor, the Itanium, is dead in the water. So is it a turkey?

In his latest musings, Peddie, the CEO of Jon Peddie Research, said that the “Itanium is trying to sneak out the back door.”  He said that when he was at the annual Supercomputing conference in Portland, there were no Itanium related announcements.

He said: “Even SGI, a former Itanium BFF, introduced its latest brainchild, the Altix Ultraviolet (UV), which is based on Nehalem EX processors.”  It scales to 2,048 processors and can be built to an astonishing 262,144 CPUs.

Said Peddie: “SGI assures us that there is no change in the relationship between SGI and Intel re:Itanium – they’ll use them if Intel builds them but…”

Intel, he continued, is positioning Larrabee as a multicore CPU that is capable of parallel processing and scalar processing.

AMD and Nvidia were both at the Supercomputing conference and, said Peddie, the number five machine in the TOP500 list is a Chinese supercomputer called Milky Way – that uses Xeon E5540s and ATI’s RV770 GPU.

Jon Peddie Research is here.