TDK touts 1 TB optical disc at Ceatec 2010 

TDK is showcasing a sleek optical disc with a capacity of 1 terabyte at Ceatec 2010 in Japan.

As Tetsuo Nozawa of Nikkei Electronics explains, TDK managed to achieve a single terabyte storage capacity by forming 16 recording layers – each boasting a 32GB capacity on both sides of the disc.

“TDK [created] 16 layers by developing a disc material with a high light transmittance. Specifically, the light transmittance of one layer is 95.1%, and that of 16 layers is 72.6%,” explained Nozawa.

“The material has already been used for part of a Blu-ray disc – and it does not have a problem of durability.

“[And because] the new disc [leverages] a beam with a numerical aperture of 0.85 – which is also used for Blu-ray – many existing technologies can be applied.”

TDK expects its 1TB disc to be used for multiple applications, including home-use recordings, backups and broadcasting.