Supermicro man gets probed

3D Professor has a most interesting piece of editorial about Charles Liang, CEO and co-founder of server motherboard company Supermicro. Mr Liang is something of an enigma rapped in a puzzle and he doesn’t normally talk to the gentlemen and gentlewomen of the Fourth Establishment. You can find the piece, here.

Wibbling over to AMD Zone, we discover that according to one Fuad Abazovic of that estate, Global Foundries – the spin off of AMD – is going to be too late to the party for 40 nanometer parts. Heckzilla!

Tech Report – which is here – looks at block rewrite penalties that are native to flash memory, and therefore to solid state disks. A bit of an eye opener, we reckon.

Someone called Sylvester Stallone has apparently launched a new wi-fi standard. That’s according to Tom’s Hardware Guide – and the link is right here.

We notice from a former vehicle of ours, the INQSter, that mobos using Intel’s P55 chipset aren’t going to be around until September. Of course, this week belongs to premier show Computex in Taiwan, and no doubt we’ll hear plenty more stuff from the hacks what are there.

What’s happening at the home of the Boy Wonder? A while since we’ve been to Anandtech, but it has a preview of Intel’s Lynnfield. The wonders have benchmarked the thingie.

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