Super Talent fires up USB 3.0 drive with DRAM cache

Super Talent has introduced a souped-up USB 3.0 drive that uses a DRAM caching system to boost small block random performance by up to 300%.

“Sequential read and write speeds only show how a drive will perform when copying large files,” a Super Talent spokesperson told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

“But in ‘real world’ applications, we are often reading and writing 100’s of smaller files and in some cases even booting to the drive.”

According to the spokesperson, traditional flash designs show their “weakness” in such instances, illustrating how an advanced caching system can be exploited to dramatically improve performance. 

“For example, say you wanted to copy 40 MP3 files to your flash drive. By adding a caching system, the Express RAM Cache drive can now write these same files 260% faster.

“So, instead of taking 13 seconds, the transfer now takes less than 5 seconds. And as the file size decreases and the file count increase, this time savings becomes even more apparent.”

The USB 3.0 Express RAM Cache drive is currently available in 32 & 64GB capacities, at price points of $129 and $209, respectively.