Sun rolls out Intel Nehalem servers

Santa Clara (CA) – Sun today announced six new servers and one new workstation based on Intel’s Xeon 5500-series processor, previously code-named Nehalem.

Sun is the latest company to update its x86 server and workstation portfolio with Intel’s most recent CPU. For virtualization applications, the company announced the Fire X4270 and Blade X6270 servers; for enterprise and web applications, Sun announced the Fire X4170, Fire X2270 as well as the Fire X4275 server.
For high-performance computing, Sun introduced the Blade X6275 server module, which the company claims is the first blade server to support onboard quad data rate (QDR) InfiniBand. Using this module, one full Sun Blade 6048 chassis can hit a peak performance of 9 TFlops, Sun said.

Also new is the Ultra 27 workstation, which is equipped with (single) Xeon 3500-series CPUs and is available with Nvidia’s FX5800 graphics card. However, that option cost you an extra $4000 an Ultra 27 and if you choose to equip the system with 12 GB of memory and a Fiber PCI-Express card, you should plan on spending about $11,500 for the Ultra 27, excluding a monitor.