Sony pins its hopes on 3D TVs

A report in the Wall Street Journal said that Sony is hoping for great things from 3D TVs in the next three years.

In fact, according to the report, Sony thinks 3D compatible TVs will represent nearly half of the TVs it sells within the next three years – it is perhaps being a tad optimistic.

Sony will launch a 3D TV next year that will support both 2D and 3D displays – if you choose the latter, you’ll have to don a pair of special spectacles and those are more costly for the company to make than the TVs themselves.

There are some problems with its strategy. The foremost is content – it will need videogames developers to create games that take full advantage of putative 3D capabilities. Games developers are in a Catch 22 situation – it costs a lot in terms of both time and money to develop games and they can’t be certain that investment will pay off. They may not share Sony’s optimism that 3D TV revenues will be worth $11 billion in three years’ time.

The other uncertainty is whether people will want to pop on the specs and play the games – previous experiments in 3D films, for example, haven’t been noted for their box office success.

Other elements in Sony’s plans to turn round the business, said the Journal, include creating lithium-ion batteries for the automotive market. The article is here (subscription needed).