Sony falls to Netbook fever

While it has refused to get tangled up with Netbook PCs before, Sony has decided to bite the bullet and release one anyway.

The 10-inch screen machine, dubbed the Vaio W, will debut in August and uses Intel’s 1.66GHz “Atom” N280.

What sets it apart from the Netbook competition is that it has a screen with a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. But what also sets it apart from the competition is that it will cost much more than machines released by Dell, HP, Samsung and others.

The price in Japan is about $630, which is an awful lot for a machine of this type, but no doubt Sony wants to continue pursuing its policy of selling somewhat “superior” PCs, branded with the Vaio tag.

For this price, you can buy a notebook with decent resolution and a far better microprocessor than the diminutive Intel Atom.