Solid state drives save money – report

Despite reluctance to buy solid state disks (SSDs) because of price, they can save companies money in the long term, a report said.

J. Gold Associates said that while many companies are evaluating notebooks with SSDs, they’ve been reluctant to shift away from conventional hard drives because the costs are significantly higher.

But, the report claims, SSDs not only have lower failure rates, better performance and consume less power, but they can also save money in the long run.

Despite the cost, over three years an SSD will save a company approximately $214 and as much as $493 if the notebook is in service for five years.

Jack Gold, principal analyst at the firm, said: “Our intent was to identify the true costs associated with equipping notebook computers deployed in the enterprise. We discovered that the savings…were very significant for a standard three year cycle.” The firm said the cost to repair a broken notebook under warranty with a conventional hard drive is $970 compared to $715 for SSDs, while SSD equipped notebooks are also more reliable.

The extra cost of an SSD is around $200 more than using a conventional hard drive, the report says.