SMSC samples remote USB 3 graphics technology

SMSC recently began sampling its ViewSpan USB 3.0 remote graphics technology – which allows users to easily connect multiple displays to desktop and mobile PCs.

SMSC VP Dan Luster told TG Daily that USB 3.0 – or “SuperSpeed USB” – offers a 10x data transfer speed increase and supports the smooth streaming of uncompressed, high-definition content.

“As the personal computer evolves into more non-traditional form factors, the ecosystem of peripherals that surrounds it is evolving too. [For example], USB 1.1 sparked a revolution in human interface devices 15 years ago and replaced serial and PS/2 ports for connecting keyboards and mice.

“[And] USB 2.0 brought us a 480 Mbps data pipe to the PC, [while] proliferating digital photography, video and portable storage.

“The next evolution in USB technology, USB 3.0, is capable of transferring data at 5 Gbps and is expected to change how displays are connected to mobile and portable computers.”

Luster added that the remote USB graphics platform will be offered as ViewSpan and ViewSpan 5G for USB 2.0 High Speed and USB 3.0 SuperSpeed applications.

“Powered by bandwidth-aware and resolution optimized video processing algorithms, both ViewSpan and ViewSpan 5G deliver smooth, high-definition video, vivid static images and clear text to displays at up to 2048 x1152 resolution,” he added.