Sharp announces 3D screens for mobile devices

Sharp plans to start making 3D displays for use in mobile devices such as phones by this summer. The company claims they’ll be the brightest 3D screens of any type available.

The 3.4-inch LCD screens work without glasses – but need to be held in a steady position just a foot from the eyes, which might make them a little uncomfortable to use for very long.

The displays are intended for devices such as cellphones, games machines and cameras. Indeed, it might well be the very same display that Nintendo plans to use in its forthcoming 3D DSi.

It gets round the need for special glasses by using a parallax barrier system – a standard LCD with a series of slits to give different images to each eye.

But Sharp says its version improves on the standard technology.

Advances in CG-Silicon technology have shrunk the wiring width within the LCD panel, allowing more light to pass and doubling the brightness, says Sharp. In addition, the company has optimised the design of the parallax barrier to dramatically reduce crosstalk.

The screens are the same thickness as conventional 2D screens, and will come with or without a touch-screen capability. They’ll have a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels, with a contrast ratio of 1,000:1.