Seagate enters solid state drive market

Mighty hard drive Seagate said it will enter the solid state drive (SSD) market with the introduction of a 200GB 2.5-inch device.

The family is called Pulsar and the initial drives will be positioned as storage devices for enterprise servers.

Seagate has delayed entering the market and concentrated on selling hard drives that use magnetic memory. It will find itself competing against the likes of Intel and many others in the SSD realm.

It doesn’t believe that traditional hard drives are going to disappear that soon – for the price, you can get a magnetic hard disk drive with many times the capacity of a solid state drive and at a far more reasonable price.

But its entry into the SSD market indicates that it sees a place for solid state drives. Because it already has a well developed channel to market, it’s likely that it will make an impact with SSDs too.