SanDisk doubles SSD capacity

SanDisk has upgraded its SSD lineup by doubling capacity and significantly boosting performance.

According to company spokesperson Doron Myersdorf, the new G4 SSD is designed as a “drop-in” replacement for notebook hard disk drives, while the P4 will allow manufacturers to create “even thinner” devices.

“SanDisk SSD P4 and SanDisk SSD G4 offer up to 128 gigabytes (GB) and 256GB of storage respectively. [Both] SSDs use SanDisk’s advanced 32-nanometer (nm) multi-level cell (MLC) process technology, which enables cost-competitive high-capacity storage with a tiny footprint,” explained Myersdorf.

“[The] drives offer faster boot times and improved system responsiveness [by utilizing] our Adaptive Flash Management (AFM) technology.”

Myersdorf also noted that the SSD P4 was “ideal” for use in small devices such as tablets, netbooks, smartbooks, ultra-thin notebooks and set top boxes (STBs).

“[Our] AFM implementation for SanDisk SSD P4 [utilizes] nCache acceleration, a large non-volatile write cache technology. [This] boosts burst random write performance (up to 600 IOPS) to shorten boot times, helps prevent ‘stalling’ [or] ‘hiccups’ and increases system responsiveness.”