Samsung releases an EcoGreen 1.5 TB HDD, uses 45% less power

San Jose (CA) – Samsung has developed a 1.5 TB three platter hard disk drive (500 GB per platter) which consumes 40% less power at idle, and 45% less power when reading/writing than other comparable drives. Dubbed F2EG EcoGreen, the drive is comparably priced to high-power consuming drives.

Samsung’s “EcoGreen” name employs what they call an Eco-Triangle methodology for the drive’s construction, which is “low-power, low-heat and low-noise operation.” The drive contains 500 GB platters which, compared to other drives, allows for more data on less surface area.

Said Andy Higginbotham, Samsung’s director of HDD sales, “Lower platter count means less power to start the motor, less power to continuously spin the motor and a lighter head-stack which takes less power to seek. With fewer heads and disks, the F2EG hard drive has a lower probability of head-disk failures, enabling customers to build more reliable systems.”

The F2EG drive contains a 16 MB or 32 MB buffer, 3.0 Gigabits per second interface and comes in 500 GB, 1 TB or 1.5 TB versions. The 1.5 TB model sells for $149.

See Samsung’s press release.


I grew up in the early days of computers with MFM hard drive where 40 MB (Megabyte) hard drives were expensive ($500 and up) and 5 MB to 20 MB drives were the standard — requiring two large ribbon cables to operate, and one extra for power. To hear about 1.5 TB hard drives costing only $149 is just unreal. Not only does it reduce power consumption by nearly 50%, but it also has a price per Gigabyte of less than 10 cents ($0.0993).

Technology’s acceleration curve is just unreal.