Samsung moves ARM to 45nm

Seoul, Korea – Samsung has produced the first ARM11-based processor using its 45nm CMOS process.

The S5P6440 is based on an ARM1176 CPU core running at 533MHz or 667MHz, with the 64-bit AXI bus running at 166MHz. The chip supports both Windows CE and Linux, says the company and is sampling now for volume shipments in Q3.

The chip is principally aimed at consumer products such as personal navigation devices (PNDs).

“Today’s ultra-competitive consumer electronics market demands rapid performance upgrades and effective cost reduction to continue its expansion,” said Dr. Kwang-hyun Kim, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Samsung Electronics’ System LSI division.

“Our S5P6440 application processor is specifically designed with those objectives in mind to offer substantial improvements in CPU performance at low power, high quality graphics capability, and lower system cost. CE device manufacturers using S5P6440 can offer exciting new products such as next generation PNDs to the market in a timely manner.”

The S5P6440 features an integrated memory controller that supports both mobile DDR and low-cost DDR2 chips. A 2D graphics accelerator complies with the OpenVG API and the chip comes in a 13×13 FBGA package.