Samsung display folds flat without creasing

Samsung could be about to put an end to the PC/tablet debate, with the news that it’s created a bendable AMOLED screen which won’t crease, even after it’s been folded 100,000 times.

Developed at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in South Korea, it consists of two active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) panels and standard hyperelastic silicone rubber with a protective glass cover and case.

The display has a folding radius of just one millimeter, meaning that one panel lies almost completely flat on the other when folded up. The glass cover, as well as preventing scratches, can act as a touch screen.

The researchers say that the display remained uncreased even after 100,000 cycles of folding and unfolding – and that the relative brightness along the fold fell by only six percent. This drop in brightness is almost imperceptible to the human eye, they claim.

“These results demonstrate the feasibility of seamless foldable AMOLED displays, with potentially important technical implications on fabricating large size flexible displays,” they say.

It could allow for all sorts of weird and wonderful form factors, such as tablets that fold down to fit in a pocket. The researchers say that they believe the displays could go into commercial production ‘soon’.