Report: Intel preps dual-core Atom chips for June launch

Intel is reportedly poised to launch its next-generation of Atom-based processors.

Indeed, DigiTimes claims that the DDR3-supporting Atom N455 and N475 will be announced “shortly,” while the dual-core N500 Atom processor is expected to be unveiled in June.

“There are naturally some netbooks rumored to be launching alongside the new processors as well, with Asus apparently already planning at least one N500-based netbook for the third quarter of this year that will sell for around $575,” noted Engadget’s Donald Melanson. 

“Of course, Intel itself isn’t isn’t saying any more on the matter than it did during its recent earnings call, but the timing of the rumor does line up suspiciously well with this year’s Computex (June 1-5), which would be as good a place as any for a big netbook-related launch.”