Plextor touts $99 USB Blu-ray drive

Plextor has introduced an ultra-affordable, external Blu-ray drive at a $99 price point.

The USB powered device supports multiple media formats, including DVD+ /- R, DVD +/-RW, DVD +/- R DL, DVD-RAM and CD-R.

The PX-B120U is packaged with Cyberlink Blu-ray and DVD playback software that offers a full Blu-ray experience in 3D – including the ability to upscale standard videos to HD and 3D-like visual quality.

“Blu-ray has become the media player of choice…and we wanted to provide a versatile [drive] with the PX-B120U,” explained Plextor spokesperson Christine Hsing.

“[It] is great for on-the-go viewing, [as the device does not require an] additional AC adapter or other cables. 

“Additionally, when the PX-B120U is connected to Plextor’s soon-to-be-released media player, PlexMedia, it can also function as a living room Blu-ray player.”

I don’t know about you, but to me, the $99 PX-B120U seems like a steal, both for first-time Blu-ray adopters and veteran users looking to pick up a cheap external drive for their laptop or netbook.