Pinky Pogoplug USB thing is very perky

The very pink new Pogoplug was announced today – you can pre-order it and it will ship the week before Christmas.

The Pogoplug is a bit of a fashion accessory provided you’re prepared to have a quite attractive pink thing sitting around in your house.

The re-vamped version has four built in USB 2.0 ports and costs $129. It effectively connects your USB drive to the Internet and even has iPhone support. It works with both Windows Explorer and Mac Finder, and the software that’s included will let you search across all of your drives. The pink thing supports the NTFS, FAT32, Mac OS and EXT2/EXT3 formats.

The manufacturer says that the system will be expandable over the web and will soon connect to sites such as backup, file synchronization, photo printing and the rest.

If you have no aversion to pink, then you’ve got it made. The web site to buy the highly pink thing is here.