Philips develops luminous wallpaper

Philips is planning to start marketing wallpaper that glows, developed through a partnership with sound insulation company Kvadrat Soft Cells.

The company’s incorporating its addressable LEDs into Kvadrat acoustic panels to create a sort of textile wallpaper that lights up in a range of different colors.

“Philips is delighted to announce this partnership which will bring ambiance creation to a whole new level,” says Leon van de Pas, general manager for large luminous surfaces.

“We are devoted to developing lighting solutions that offer the user a limitless number of effects, moods and atmospheres. Together with Kvadrat Soft Cells, we will now be able to ensure that the ambiance created by light is further enhanced by acoustic control.”

The acoustic panels don’t just act as sound insulation, says Philips. They can react to sounds, for example by changing color in time with the music.

The stuff presumably won’t come cheap, but the company’s expecting to market it mainly to companies rather than individuals – for shops, hotels, corporate headquarters and the like.

“It allows for a space to be completely transformed and enables a brand’s identity to really shine through,” it says.

It mightn’t be that expensive to produce – but’ll surely make for some pretty high electricity bills.