Personal submarine is the ultimate luxury toy

It’s not the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride at Disney, it’s the new trend in leisure: a personal submarine. Although the technology is nothing new, the idea of having your very own submarine is nothing more than pure awesomeness.

Originally created during World War I, personal submarines were obviously designed for military use. Nowadays, research firms use them during ship excavation but with new consumer options available. So, navigating in your own personal submarine may be closer than you think.

It’s an electric powered personal sub with around four to ten hours of power depending on how fast you’re cruising.

The EGO is designed to drive like a car with a steering wheel and accelerator.

When asked if a special license or training was required to drive an EGO, a company rep answered: “Not really, [although] it would be good if you learn a simple basic education before boarding.”

The EGO, designed by Raonhaje, premiered at a boat show in Miami last week to rave reviews.

It features three giant glass windows for premier underwater site seeing.

Raonhaje says the windows are made from a “special acrylic” material, 200mm thick and 200 times stronger than glass.

“Damage by water pressure almost does not occur,” the company claims.

It seems like the company is a little unsure of the legal implications surrounding underwater travel but we’re still excited for the potential that we too could own our very own submarine.

The EGO will be officially available in October in seven different colors.

(Via Fox News)