Ortery launches 3D photocopier

Ortery Technologies is now shipping what it claims is the world’s first 3D scanner, bringing new realism to pictures of people’s butts at the office party.

It may look for all the world like a microwave oven, but for a just slightly hefty $17,000, you can pop a physical object inside the Photosimile 5000 and turn it into a virtual 3D object on a connected PC.

“Imagine walking up to a new office device, placing an object inside, and seconds later walking away with a professional photo for immediate use in all print, web and email communications,” says the company.

It’s basically a tiny photographic studio, with 6,500K light box, Canon DSLR camera, cameral positioning device and image processing software.

The camera can rotate a full 360 degrees in every direction taking 7 photos as it goes. Its movement is controlled by Photosimile software, which also manages the camera settings, image capture and post processing.

The end result is Flash or GIF-based still photos, 360-degree, hemispherical and full spherical product animations. Images can also be exported to Ortery Real3D to compose 3D Silverlight animations with mouse control and deep zoom capabilities.

There’s more information here.