Nvidia’s Quadro GPU accelerates Adobe’s Mercury Playback Engine

Nvidia has posted a video on YouTube of its Quadro GPU rapidly accelerating Adobe’s Mercury Playback Engine.

An Nvidia spokesperson told TG Daily that the Playback Engine could be described as the “driving force” behind the next iteration of Premiere Pro.

“This past December, Adobe provided a sneak peek of their new Mercury Playback Engine. We like to describe our Quadro as the rocket fuel that propels that Engine. Indeed, Adobe has essentially redesigned their entire video rendering and playback engine to harness the CUDA parallel processing architecture of Quadro,” explained the spokesperson.

“The result? A fluid, real-time editing experience for adding additional effects, multiple layers, or ultra high resolution content. No more wasting time waiting for things like encoding and exporting progress bars to slowly fill the box.”

The spokesperson noted that the Quadro-powered Mercury Engine was capable of smoothly refining effects-rich sequences, scrubbing and playing complex projects without waiting for a render, as well as building, editing and experimenting with complex video effects.

“The Mercury Playback Engine allows complex timelines and long-form projects with thousands of clips without having to wait, regardless of whether your projects are standard definition (SD), high definition (HD), 2K resolution, 4K, or beyond. You really can kiss the waiting goodbye.”