Nvidia previews "fastest DX11 GPU on the planet"

Nvidia recently offered a sneak peak of what it claims is the “fastest DX11 GPU on the planet.”

As Engadget’s Vlad Savov notes, the latest GPU is almost certainly the long-awaited and enigmatic GeForce GTX 580.

So, what makes the new GPU capable of achieving such unparalleled speeds?

Well, it is reportedly chilled by an advanced vapor chamber cooling system to avoid overheating and prevent abrupt system shutdowns.

“Basically, water sealed within the chamber gets boiled by the hot elements (a copper plate), which forces it to transfer heat away to the bits that are being cooled by the fan, where it chills out and recycles itself back to the boiling plate,” explained Savov.

“The end result? About seven decibels less vroom relative to the GTX 480, along with lower operational temperatures.”

Check out the video for additional details, as well as some sweet Call of Duty: Black Ops gameplay.