Nvidia GPUs powers BMW navigation

This week has been extremely busy for chip superstar Nvidia with multiple partnerships announced from the mobile, computing, and now automobile industries.

Yes, Nvidia confirmed a new partnership with BMW as the GPU chip provider for in-car navigation systems loaded into next-gen vehicles.

The partnership is part of BMW’s effort to improve its in-car iDrive navigation system with optimized graphics, more accurate traffic reporting, and a streamlined user experience.

“BMW has built their reputation on creating the ultimate driving experience. [And now] they are taking that to an entirely new level with NVIDIA GPUs,” explained Nvidia VP Dan Vivoli.

The iDrive system is an in-car navigation system that offers both real-time traffic reporting and step-by-step directions.

In particular, Nvidia noted the improvements would provide more vivid graphics, detailed terrain models, landmarks and what they call “a stunning new interface.”

Nvidia’s GPU processors will be loaded into all 7-series, 5-series, 3-series, Mini Cooper and X-Series vehicles.