Nufront revs ARM SoC to 2GHz

Nufront has introduced a 40nm ARM-based SoC that clocks in at an impressive 2GHz.

According to Nufront spokesperson Jensen Yang, the NuSmart 2816 is the “world’s first chip” to integrate a 2GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with a multi-core 2D/3D graphics processor (Mali).

“The SoC boasts a 64bit DDR2/3-1066 memory controller, 1080p multi-format video engine, SATA2 controller, USB2, Ethernet and general I/O controllers,” Yang told TG Daily during an interview in San Francisco. 

”And by utilizing multi-layer hybrid interconnection technology, multi-level fine grain power management and advanced 40nm manufacture process, the 2816 is very low sipping – consuming less than two watts when running at 1.6GHz.”

Yang also noted that the versatile SoC was targeted at a wide range of markets, including ultra-thin laptops, all-in-one desktops, netbooks and tablets.

“The NuSmart 2816 can be implemented in a number of form factors, such as 20-hour battery life laptops, never need power down PCs, non-fan laptops and desktops, ultra-thin and ultra-light laptops, as well as high-performance, multi-tasking tablets.”

He added that Nufront was already designing its next generation of chips, including a quad-core A9 running at 2.5 watts, a single-core running at 0.8 watts (1.2Ghz) and a 28nm quad-core (3.5 watts) expected to hit a blazing 2.5 GHz.