Nissan debuts futuristic ESFLOW electric sports car

Kind of like clothes straight from the runway, concept cars represent the haute couture of luxury vehicles. Unattainable, but still awesome. Today, Nissan announced the ESFLOW, a futuristic sports car that runs on “green” electric power.

The concept car combines the luxury of a two-seater sports car with the environmental benefits of an electric vehicle, without compromising handling or speed.

However, Nissan notes that is not creating a Zero Emissions vehicle from an existing concept, but rather building the green car around an electric engine, which will affect the design, making for an ideal sports car/electric car combination.

Indeed, the car is capable of going from 0-100kph in less than five seconds.

Since the car uses power cells that remain a constant weight throughout their lifespan, Nissan claims that this will make for an extremely uniform drive that will not detract from the strength and poise of the car as the battery drains.

To make the car that much more futuristic, it has blue LED accent lights.

Additional specs include:

  • Rear-wheel drive two-seater
  • Two electric motors, each driving a rear wheel
  • Dramatic styling with wraparound windscreen for unobstructed visibility
  • Over 240kms on one charge

The concept car will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in early March but chances are it won’t be on the road that soon.

Regardless, we want it.