Next-gen Samsung RAM hits 12.8GB per second

Samsung’s next-gen mobile RAM modules are capable of transmitting data at a blazing 12.8 gigabyte (GB) per second. The new class of memory is expected to significantly increase the bandwidth of current DDR DRAM (1.6GB/s) eightfold, while reducing power consumption by 87%.

According to Samsung VP Byungse So, the 1GB mobile DRAM boasts a wide I/O interface and is manufactured using using 50 nanometer class process technology.

“To boost data transmission, Samsung’s wide I/O DRAM uses 512 pins for data input and output compared to the previous generation of mobile DRAMs, which used a maximum of 32 pins,” explained So.

“If you include the pins that are involved in sending commands and regulating power supply, a single Samsung wide I/O DRAM is designed to accommodate approximately 1,200 pins.”

As expected, the new RAM modules have been tapped to power a new generation of tablets and smartphones.