New battery technology could let phones charge in minutes

Cellphones can recharge in a matter of minutes with a new battery technology developed by the Department of Energy and Vorbeck Materials.

They have demonstrated that adding small quantities of graphene can dramatically improve the power and cycling stability of lithium-ion batteries, while maintaining a high energy storage capacity.

Traditionally, there’s been a tradeoff between high capacity and fast recharge time. 

The new material, known as Vor-x, was initially developed at Princeton University.

It could cut the recharge time of a cellphone from four or five hours to less than ten minutes. It could also cut the recharge times of electric vehicles dramatically, while extending their driving range.

Vorbek is already commercializing the technology, and has signed a deal with materials distribution and supply company Targray Technology International.

Vorbeck produces a very high quality graphene and they have demonstrated an ability to get products successfully to market,” said Gordon Graff, project manager at the DoE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).

“We believe that Vorbeck is an excellent partner with whom to commercialize some of our most innovative battery work.”