Never get lost in the wastes again

Satnav firm Garmin said it introduced two devices that mean when you take a ramble down a difficult pass and get lost you won’t have three helicopters and hundreds of people trying to track you down.

The waterproof Foretrex 401 and 301 can be strapped round your wrist and include a GPS receiver with a USB interface.

Garmin claims that the devices maintain satellite reception even in heavy tree cover or deep canyons and monitor and store routes, tracks and waypoints. Further, you can track where you’ve been with a Tracback feature and the machines will show your path back to where you started.

The units have a dual position readout including latitude and longitude and also include sunrise and sunset information as well as a connection to your Mac or PC.

The Foretrex 401 includes an electronic compass as well as a barometric altimeter and will share routes, tracks and waypoints between some other Foretrex devices. It is also compatible with Garmin heart rate monitors and cadence sensors.

The units store up to 500 waypoints, and 20 routes.

The devices weigh around three ounces and use two AAA batteries, giving 18 hours of life for the 301 and around the same for the 401.  No prices are available for the units.