Netgear touts hardcore ReadyNAS for digital media addicts

Netgear has debuted its ReadyNAS Ultra lineup of 2-Bay, 4-Bay and 6-Bay network storage systems for hardcore digital enthusiasts.

Ultra – which is twice as fast as legacy ReadyNAS systems – allows users to encode, decode and stream HD video to any DLNA certified device.

The system is powered by Intel Atom processors and offers X-RAID2 functionality, as well as full integration with TiVo.

According to Netgear spokesperson Drew Meyer, the ReadyNAS Ultra storage systems are the “first” to offer Skifta media-shifting capabilities.

“This enables users to access their private media libraries remotely from any DLNA certified device without worrying about the physical location of their content,” Meyer told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

“Ultra is also the first-ever network storage systems to include transcoding. The Orb integration means that a ReadyNAS Ultra device automatically formats and sizes streaming video content for mobile devices or browsers – on the fly.”

Ultra has already received positive reviews from a number of analysts and beta testers, including long-time ReadyNAS user Shawn Markins.

“The ReadyNAS Ultra 4 is a tech-head’s dream come true; it lets me encode, decode, stream HD video, and no matter where I am, play music and video to any DLNA certified device and a large number of mobile devices,” said Markins.

“Couple it with Intel Atom processors, full X-RAID2 functionality, and you have a force to be reckoned with. Now, I have a central location with full data redundancy and enough total storage space for years.”

The ReadyNAS Ultra 4 ($600 diskless and $900 MSRP 2 x 2 TB) and Ultra 6 ($900 MSRP diskless and $1350 MSRP 3 x 2 TB) are available for immediate pre-order at, with shipping starting in mid-July. 

Netgear’s ReadyNAS Ultra 2 is slated to ship in October.