Nanya hopes for DRAM rebound

Taipei, Taiwan – Memory chip firm Nanya turned in a loss yesterday but held out hope that the situation in the market is changing.

That’s because the mountain of DRAM chips will lessen because the entire industry is reducing output.

It may be over hopeful. It’s nearly two years now since memory chips went into decline following a spending spree by many of the DRAM firms to create fab plants and so generating the memory mountain.

Nanya and US firm Micron hope to join forces and petition the Taiwanese government for financial help to bale them out of their current crisis. In the meantime the joint venture between the two firms, Inotera, is going to create two billion shares and wants the government of Taiwan to chip in to the extra share offering, according to the Taipei Times.

There is some evidence that the situation in the semiconductor market is improving. Intel said there were slight grounds for optimism when it released its last quarterly figures.

But if there are grounds for optimism, they’re slight. No one really knows which way the economic winds will blow and financial mavens appear clueless about the future. 

* In other news from Taiwan, Asustek turned in first quarter earnings amounting to $13.71 million, a decline of 93 percent year on year.