Missouri students ‘must buy Apple’

Columbia, MO – Students studying journalism at Missouri University are being told they must buy an iPhone or iPod from this fall.

According to the University’s website, “Effective Fall 2009, students majoring in Journalism at Missouri are required to have either an iPod Touch (the minimum requirement) or iPhone to allow for the delivery of freshman-orientation information as well as course material. Students will electronically download such material to either of those devices from iTunes University, a no-cost component of the iTunes Store.

“The iPod Touch fulfills the requirement. The more expensive iPhone fulfills the requirement but is not required. The best solution if the student does not already have an iPod Touch or iPhone is to work with TigerTech, the MU computer store, to acquire one.”

Missouri School of Journalism undergraduate and graduate students are also required to have wireless laptop computers. The minimum recommended configuration is a wireless laptop computer with the Microsoft Office suite of software.

“Students are encouraged to acquire wireless laptop technology from Apple, which the School has designated as its preferred provider.”

But hang on, what if I prefer to use a Windows machine?

“That’s an option, but it’s one we do not recommend unless you plan to make a career of computer-assisted reporting. By the time you purchase photo, audio and video software for a PC, you probably will have spent more than you would if buying a comparable Apple Computer. Buy a PC if you prefer to do so, but make sure it is wireless and has Microsoft Office. Almost 100 percent of last year’s freshmen chose Apple computers.”

Naturally, these magnificent machines are available from the University’s own shop at keen prices.

“The faculty has designated Apple Computer as its preferred provider for two primary reasons: (1) Apple’s OS X operating system is based on Unix, which makes these computers far less susceptible to viruses than other computers. Viruses are a serious problem on university campuses. (2) Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro computers come bundled with iLife, a suite of applications ideal for learning the basics of photo editing, and audio and video editing.”

So I need to buy an iPod or iPhone and an Apple notebook? Should I buy them right away?

“We strongly recommend that you wait and buy through TigerTech (formerly Computer Spectrum) at the University Bookstore. We have arranged for special low pricing from Apple, and that’s where you’ll almost certainly get the best deal. TigerTech also will be offering bundles with a three-year warranty, which we highly recommend.”

And students finding themselves a bit embarrassed in the cash department will also be glad to know that those awfully-nice folks at TigerTech can arrange credit terms over two years. Please ask for details.

We can only assume that MU is run by the world’s biggest Apple fanboi. How else are we to explain the faculty’s gushing enthusiasm? Surely they’re not making money on the deal?