Microsoft Project Pink phones to appear this spring

More details have emerged of Microsoft’s Project Pink phone – and it looks like it won’t support Windows Phone 7.

Gizmodo has been leaked some rather blurry images of a rounded slider phone which it says will be sold via Verizon in the US and branded by both companies.

Based on Windows CE, the two models – codenamed Turtle and Pure – are believed to be aimed primarily at social networking users, particularly teenagers. They will feature keyboards for easier text messaging.

The phones will probably be for sale only in the US, at least at first, as they’re based on CDMA rather than GSM.

While the documents obtained by Gizmodo don’t actually say there’s no Windows Mobile 7, it very much looks that way – the interface looks completely different.

Meanwhile, sources have told Bloomberg  that the phones are likely to launch in May or June. They’ll be made by Sharp, it says.

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