Maxvision to deploy combat-ready video workstation

Los Angeles (CA) – Maxvision has unveiled a rugged, high-performance video workstation designed for military applications.

The MaxPac 8040SVW, powered by Intel’s Core I7 CPU, features 6 GB of DDR3 RAM, 3 TB of storage, dual integrated LCD monitors and an HD video encoding card.

A company spokesperson told TG Daily that the 8040SVW is based on the “proven” 8020S product line currently utilised by “militaries around the world.”

“The VW letters in the model name denote that it comes with a h/w video capture/encoding card, either a Viewcast Osprey 240e for SD or their 700e HD card for high definition (HD) encoding and almost real-time streaming of various input sources, including cameras with infrared or night vision,” explained Chandler Hall. “Since all Maxvision products are built for hot ‘in-the-field’ environments such as Iraq, this combination of best-in-class components from Viewcast, Intel and Nvidia provide the best performing, most cost effective solution for military and first responders. Maxvision expects the 8040SVW to be deployed in various military theaters, including Iraq and Afghanistan during 2009.”

According to Hall, the Maxpac SVW enables in-the-field video encoding, along with capture and streaming in extreme temperatures that range from 32-122 degrees Fahrenheit (0-50 degrees Celsius).

It should be noted that MaxPac S class products were initially designed for a number of military programs, including TACLAN, which facilitates net-centric warfare as well as the interconnection of Special Operations Forces (SOF). Variations of the product line have also been utilized by ESPN for HD sport broadcasts and integrated into US government biometric systems.