Macbook Vs Macbook Pro – Which Laptop Is Best for You?

Apple’s latest Retina display MacBooks have caught the attention of many users ad spurred a good deal of discussions among customers. MacBook and Macbook Pro trade-in have the same price of $1,299. Although both of these laptops are a fair choice for a new Macbook, here are some things which can help you in determining which Macbook is the best bet for you

Size and weight

Size and weight are two important things to consider before buying any kind of new laptop. These factors determine the portability of the device in use as well as user-convenience regarding storage. The Macbook and Macbook Pro trade-in designs have a 12 inch and 13 inch display respectively. The Macbook has a weight of only 2.03 pounds whereas the Macbook Pro has a slightly greater weight of 3.02 pounds, only one pound more than Macbook. When it comes to thickness, the Macbook Pro is slightly thicker than the Macbook and the size variations follow the same trend. If you are someone who prefers extreme kind of portability over longevity, then Macbook is a good choice.

Internal Processors

MacBook and MacBook Pro trade-in designs have 1.2 GHz Intel Core m3 Processor and 2.3 GHz i5 processor respectively. This means that the MacBook pro has a faster processing power over the MacBook. If you are looking for a future-proof and long-lasting purchase, go with the MacBook Pro as it has better processing power which can outrun the normal MacBook.

Memory storage

Although both of these designs have the same internal 8GB RAM, the storage capacity is different for both of them. As compared to the 256GB SSD of MacBook, MacBook Pro only possesses half of it. If you want an additional space of upto 1TB, you will have to invest in an additional SSD for about $800. Although, Macbook Pro trade-in storage may look a little less to you but in the long-run, its stronger processors beat the slow processors of MacBook.

Ports and fans

The MacBook has only one USB-C port and that’s all. The users are limited to connect one external device or charger at a given time. An external adapter will be needed to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Whereas, the MacBook Pro trade-in design has 2 USB-C ports and allows the users to connect any additional device along with the charger. The MacBook Pro’s i5 processor has a bigger built and requires a small and noiseless fan. But the MacBook does not require any fan as its m3 core processor can run on its own.

Additional displays

By providing two inlet ports, the MacBook Pro trade-in design can display better 4K videos on two external monitors in addition to its own display. However, this feature is limit to only one additional external display in case of MacBook due to its one USB-C port.


If you are looking for basic internet streaming, computational tasks and simple image editing, MacBook is a good choice. For people who are obsessed with image details for visual art and a speedy response while editing videos, MacBook Pro will be the best.


MacBook is a short-term solution for extreme portability whereas; MacBook Pro has a future-proof design.